Event 38 Announces UAV For Mapping

May 8, 2012  - By
Image: GPS World

Event 38 announced its first major product, model E382, a ready-to-fly mapping UAV. Based on the Ardupilot Mega 2.0 autopilot, the E382 is designed to take aerial photos quickly and easily.



According to the announcement, equipped with a small point and shoot camera, the E382 can make five centimeter resolution maps from individual pictures stitched together. Digital elevation models and georeferenced orthorectified maps can be made using online services like DroneMapper.com.

Event 38 reports that the E382 is capable of flying for just under an hour and can cover over 200 acres at a time on one charge. For larger areas, replacing the battery is quick and can be done in the field. Weighing in at under five pounds and made of soft, durable foam, the airframe is resistant to damage and can’t significantly damage anything on the ground. The 66″ wings come apart for easy transport to and from the job site.

The basic kit consists of a ready to fly airframe with autopilot, motor and servos installed. Options are available to add on for those without any R/C gear like a controller, batteries and a suitable point and shoot camera. If you’re starting without any gear, a full system costs about $1,050. Training and on-site setup are available as well.

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