Free report offered on UAVs in precision agriculture

March 31, 2016  - By

Cover: "Above the Field with UAVs in Precision AgricultureNumerous factors will impact the economics and logistics of how farmers and growers will use drones in 2016 and beyond, according to a new report offered by the Commercial UAV Expo.

In “Above the Field with UAVs in Precision Agriculture,” author Jeremiah Karpowicz examines factors such as:

  • Potential impact of new FAA regulations
  • Capabilities created or augmented with new sensor technology
  • The best approach to get in the air.

Download this free report, UAVs in Precision Agriculture and discover how UAVs are set to revolutionize this multi-billion market.

Farmers and growers are starting to use UAVs to increase both productivity and profitability with real-time data, to improve decision making in areas such as for crop scouting, nutrient management, field mapping and water drainage.

Visit this page to download the report.