Free ‘Cooking with GIS’ class shows how to serve up high-res imagery

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A capture of the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens in Buffalo, New York, taken in May 2018. (Image: Nearmap)

A capture of the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens in Buffalo, New York, taken in May 2018. (Image: Nearmap)

Fresh off an eye-grabbing appearance showcasing its new 3D products at last week’s Esri User Conference, Nearmap will deliver a free “Cooking with GIS” webinar Thursday, July 26.

The hour-long session will highlight ways that the company’s vertical, oblique and 3D aerial imagery can bring competitive advantage to surveyors, construction managers, telecomm engineers, city planners, realtors and investors, building contractors, property and natural resource managers, and many others. Using their geographic information systems (GIS) skills, these professionals can perform deep analysis and make decisions with confidence using detailed and up-to-date visual insights.

Nearmap won 2017 Esri’s Best New Content Partner Award in 2017, and the free webinar, subtitled “Esri + Nearmap,” focuses on the key advantages of seamlessly integration the company’s high-resolution aerial imagery into Esri mapping and software products.

Esri is an international supplier of geospatial information systems with more than one million users in 200 countries around the world. Nearmap’s ArcGIS Image Service Online provides users an easy and efficient way to incorporate high-resolution PhotoMaps within Esri ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS users can instantly access current 2.8” imagery within days of capture while also showing change over time using Nearmap’s historical archive.

A New York City building site with temporary covered pedestrian walkway. (Photo: Nearmap)

A New York City building site with temporary covered pedestrian walkway. (Photo: Nearmap)

As an integral partner in the ArcGIS ecosystem, Nearmap helped integrate their imagery with a wide range of Esri software solutions—both off the shelf and bespoke. Coupled with Portal for ArcGIS, the Nearmap ImageServer can be used in any application that is able to talk to ArcGIS Server, delivering power to the platform.

3D.  Nearmap recently brought dramatic change to the aerial imagery market, announcing a national survey program providing high-resolution oblique imagery and derivative 3D products from its patented HyperCamera2 technology. The new camera system provides a high degree of overlap from different angles, so Nearmap can reconstruct the real world in detail, producing not only high-resolution orthomosaic and oblique imagery, but also surface and terrain models, natural color point clouds and textured 3-D meshes.

Users can immerse themselves in 3D textured mesh models, improving analysis and design activities. They can see different elevations and line of sight using the 3-D information. These features become important in many use cases, including airport or utility planning, or to determine the best location for a crane before a construction project.

Other applications include wireless telecommunications network modeling, solar panel design, tactical resource deployment, real estate development promotion, property valuation, insurance underwriting and smart cities.

Delivery.  Nearmap is delivered through a user-friendly interface called MapBrowser or accessed via Esri, Autodesk and other third-party solutions.

Nearmap captures urban U.S. imagery multiple times per year, processes massive amounts of visual data, and uploads up-to-date aerial maps to the cloud within days. Patented imaging and processing technology delivery at speed of high-resolution aerial imagery as a service: orthographic (vertical) maps, multi-perspective panoramas and oblique aerial views.

The fully cloud-based PhotoMaps are accessible instantly via desktop and mobile, with 70% of the U.S. covered in major metros.

Clarity, color and 2.8″ GSD detail help users identify and accurately measure ground features with ease, detect change over time or monitor progress through the company’s library of precisely georeferenced historical imagery.

Nearmap imagery is refreshed up to three times per year principal coverage areas, with three orthomosaic captures incorporating one oblique capture. Nearmap’s orthomosaic imagery already covers nearly 70 percent of the U.S. population dating back to 2014.

Speakers on the July 26 webinar include Kevin Kwok, Nearmap technical product manager; Chuck Dostal, Nearmap geospatial technical engineer; and customer Mike Otillio, director of research for Colliers International, servicing the commercial real estate industry.

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