Firmware update for inertial Ekinox and Apogee sensors

October 11, 2016  - By
Image: GPS World

SBG Systems displays their full range of MEMS-based inertial sensors at InterGeo 2016, with a major firmware update for its Ekinox and Apogee product lines. The key improvements in the update include a 15% improvement on orientation and navigation data and better robustness under harsh environments. This firmware is a complete rework of existing functionalities with the addition of new features and improved configuration interface to ease device configuration.

Performance. Up to 15% inertial navigation system (INS) performance improvement from a reworked data fusion algorithms; and improved performance using NMEA GNSS aiding.

Ease of use. Alignment and new status flags have been added to ensure the unit reaches optimal accuracy. The unit can now compute and output on each port a full deported navigation and ship motion data. A completely reworked web interface with 3D views eases mechanical installation. Stability and reliability improvements are reported, especially while using two GNSS at the same time

Various input and output protocols have been added. See SBG Systems website for further information.

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