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Final GPS III satellite available for launch

February 24, 2023  - By
Image: GPS World

Space Systems Command (SSC) has declared GPS III Space Vehicle 10 (SV10) available for launch, marking completion of constellation modernization efforts and production for the GPS III program.

“The completion of the tenth, and final, GPS III space vehicle is a significant milestone for GPS modernization,” said Scott Thomas, GPS III program manager for the GPS Space Vehicles Acquisition Delta within SSC’s Military Communications and PNT directorate. “This would not have been possible without the collaboration, communication, and accountability of our industry and government partners. The GPS III program contributions underpin U.S. national security needs for our warfighters and for more than four billion GPS users worldwide.”

GPS III satellites deliver enhanced performance and accuracy through a variety of improvements, including increased signal protection with improved accuracy. GPS III also delivers a new L1C signal designed for interoperability with similar GNSS, and expands the civilian L5 signal, dubbed safety-of-life, which is not yet operational.

GPS III SV06 was launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 Block 5 vehicle on Jan. 18, and Operational Acceptance was declared on Jan. 31. GPS III SV07, SV08, SV09 and SV10 are awaiting launch at Lockheed Martin’s GPS III processing facility in Waterton, Colorado.

About the Author: Maddie Saines

Maddie was a managing editor at GPS World.