Expert Opinions: Ensuring full utility while evolving GNSS

September 21, 2017  - By and

Q: How can the safety, security, and full utility of GNSS applications be ensured while evolving to the best and most efficient use of limited and extremely valuable electromagnetic spectrum?

Mitch Narins, principal consultant, Strategic Synergies, LLC

A: (1) Agree that “No electromagnetic spectrum use will be approved, now or in the future, that impacts GNSS PNT users.” – a common mission statement essential to establishing trust!

(2) Determine how best to migrate today’s GNSS PNT users to be more resilient to both interference and planned future adjacent band services.

(3) Provide detailed architectures, network layouts, and implementation plans for rollout of new adjacent band services compliant with (1) and supportive of (2).

John Fischer, VP, Advanced R&D, Orolia/Spectracom

A: We cannot ignore fielded legacy systems, but neither can we chain ourselves to old technology and hinder progress.

Spectrum usage cannot be solved by less regulation, but it can be with innovative regulatory ideas adhering to minimalist principles. For example, would a “cash for clunkers” program work to eliminate weak receivers from the field to enable more efficient spectrum use?

This is one of those situations where government involvement can spur an innovative solution.