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Mitch Narins is principal consultant and owner at Strategic Synergies LLC. Previously, he worked for 26 years at the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration in multiple program management and systems engineering roles and where, as chief systems engineer for navigation, he helped in the development of the FAA’s 2016 PBN Strategy.

Posts by Mitch Narins

Delivering security through systems engineering Posted on 05 Dec 2022 in the From the Magazine & Opinions categories.

Achieving PNT resilience for critical infrastructure applications GNSS are magic. They are. One dictionary defines magic as “a power that allows people (such as witches and wizards) to do impossible... Read more»

What it means to be a Gold Standard Posted on 14 Oct 2020 in the Opinions categories.

Recently there have been conversations within the world’s position, navigation and timing communities regarding the use of the term “Gold Standard.” Many systems aspire to be a Gold Standard, but... Read more»

Expert Opinions: Ensuring full utility while evolving GNSS Posted on 21 Sep 2017 in the From the Magazine & GNSS & Opinions categories.

Q: How can the safety, security, and full utility of GNSS applications be ensured while evolving to the best and most efficient use of limited and extremely valuable electromagnetic spectrum?... Read more»

FAA releases National Airspace System Navigation Strategy Posted on 10 Nov 2016 in the From the Magazine & GNSS & Transportation categories.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released its Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) National Airspace System (NAS) Navigation Strategy 2016, the result of a concerted year-long effort by FAA and... Read more»