DigitalGlobe backs up Rio Olympics security

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DigitalGlobe is supporting security at the Summer Olympics with its Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Security Package. The package provides international governments and security agencies with professional-grade imagery and information to enhance the safety of athletes, dignitaries and spectators.

The package includes cloud-based access to historical and near-real time high resolution satellite imagery, a robust data set describing the local environment, and a highly detailed Digital Surface Model (DSM) of Rio de Janeiro and the Olympic venues.

The imagery and imagery-derived products are information-rich and analyst-ready, allowing security teams to quickly unlock critical information and spend the bulk of their time analyzing the data, rather than searching for information, the company said.

“Global event security requires rapid access to current, accurate, and complete geospatial information for enhanced contingency planning, risk management, and emergency response,” said Daniel L. Jablonsky, DigitalGlobe General Counsel and General Manager for International Defense & Intelligence. “As a trusted partner, DigitalGlobe will help governments and security agencies be confident in their ability to keep their athletes and spectators safe during the Summer Olympic Games.”

Included in the Summer Olympic Security Package are:

Basemap +Daily

DigitalGlobe Basemap +Daily is a premier subscription service that provides historical and the most current imagery of Rio de Janeiro leading up to and during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

The Basemap +Daily service includes an online, historical foundation layer and the latest imagery collections from DigitalGlobe’s full constellation of imaging satellites, with resolution as sharp as 30 cm and terrain and perspective distortions removed to make for a suitable map base layer.

Users can view and download imagery within hours of acquisition to support a broad range of event security applications and ensure the protection of athletes, spectators and supporting resources.

Human Landscape


DigitalGlobe’s Human Landscape product delivers an intimate understanding of the local environment, including everything from details on transportation infrastructure, to population characteristics, to crime rates.

The Rio de Janeiro Olympic Security Package consists of more than 100 geospatial layers containing more than 80,000 features and 1.25 million building footprints extracted and compiled from DigitalGlobe imagery and publicly available data. The dataset provides a baseline of understanding that allows geospatial analysts to get a head start on pre-event planning, threat and risk assessment, and emergency response modeling.

The highly detailed database contains 600 percent more location-based content than public datasets, enabling analysts to quickly answer meaningful questions related to location, time, and context.

Vricon DSM

Vricon, a joint venture between DigitalGlobe and Saab, produces Vricon DSM from commercial satellite imagery with an automated 3D modeling technology.

Vricon DSM is delivered rapidly and with high precision over both urban and rural areas. It features 0.5 m post-spacing and 3 m absolute accuracy in all dimensions, enabling analysts to determine, for example, where helicopters can land, where radio communications are possible, and where lines of sight are clear or obstructed.

The package is designed for

  • Mission rehearsal and contingency (evacuation) planning
  • Situational awareness
  • Logisitics
  • Force protection
  • Personnel and civilian security
  • Cross-service collaboration
  • View-shed analysis and radio frequency (RF) propagation planning
  • Threat assessment and monitoring
  • Tipping and cueing
  • Anticipatory mapping
By André Motta/ -, CC BY 3.0 br,

Velodrome, Carioca Arena 3, 2 and 1 and Future Arena (in the background), and the Olympic Tennis Center (on the right) at Barra Olympic Park. By André Motta/

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