ComNav BeiDou+GPS Receiver Provides Positioning in Antarctic

May 10, 2013  - By
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China’s icebreaker Xuelong, or Snow Dragon, returned to Shanghai April 9 after successfully completing China’s 29th Antarctica scientific expedition. As a high-accuracy GNSS solutions provider, ComNav supplied a GPS+BeiDou GNSS receiver for this expedition. This was the first time that the ComNav GNSS receiver worked in such an extreme environment.

The reliable performance of the receiver impressed the expedition team. “The fast-searching satellites speed and the accurate positioning result saved us lots of time in the extreme cold field,” said one team member. It was the first time that a BeiDou receiver was used in the Antarctic, according to ComNav.

The research vessel left the southern port city of Guangzhou on November 5, 2012, for Antarctica. It covered 29,000 nautical miles over its 156-day southern voyage, among which 6,000 nautical miles were in ice regions. A total of 239 researchers on board completed 53 research tasks on biology, ecology, geophysics, ocean, climate, environment and glacier, and engineering construction missions.

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  1. 麦吉 says:

    Hasn’t Unicore BDS+GPS Receiver already been used in the Antarctic during the 28th Antarctica scientific expedition? how the 1st/No.1 comes?