CHCNAV releases C5 and C30 survey cameras

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C5 and C30. (Image: CHC Navigation)

C5 and C30. (Image: CHC Navigation)

CHC Navigation has released the C5 and C30 orthographic and oblique cameras for aerial surveys. The systems are designed to provide high-quality imaging solutions for photogrammetric applications and to complement lidar survey data.

The C5 camera is an efficient and lightweight system for aerial surveys, weighing 290 g for increased flight endurance. Its compact size of 75 mm x 63.5 mm x 102.5 mm allows easy integration into UAVs. The C30 camera’s weight is 600 g with a size of 110mm x 108 mm x 85 mm. The C30 is also designed for aerial surveying.

The C5 and C30 cameras’ universal installation design makes them compatible with a wide range of fixed-wing and rotor UAV platforms. Both cameras are supported by the CHCNAV’s BB4 Mini and P330 Pro UAVs as well as the DJI’s M300 RTK.

The Alphaport (the A-type hardware interface) enables the C5 and C30 to be easily mounted into various UAVs and converted into the DJI Skyport connector for extended compatibility.

The C5 and C30 cameras give maximum flexibility for photogrammetric applications. They can be used independently on real-time kinematic-enabled UAVs to capture high-resolution imagery or installed directly on the CHCNAV’s lidar series to colorize point cloud data. This feature allows seamless imagery and lidar data integration for a more complete view of the surveyed area.

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