BAE Systems releases GPS receiver

June 22, 2023  - By
Image: BAE Systems 

Image: BAE Systems

At the Joint Navigation Conference in San Diego, BAE Systems unveiled NavGuide, an assured-positioning, navigation and timing (A-PNT) device featuring M-code GPS technology. NavGuide is a field-installable replacement to the defense advanced GPS receiver (DAGR), designed for quick integration into current DAGR mounts and accessories without mission interruption.

NavGuide features a 3 in, full-color, graphical user interface for dismounted soldiers, and easily integrates with existing mounted platforms and systems. The device leverages the advanced M-code GPS signal with enhanced jamming and spoofing protection.

NavGuide is portable, versatile, and precise, and enables vehicular, handheld, sensor, and gun laying applications that enable the military to defeat adversaries in a variety of challenging threat environments.

For more information on NavGuide, click here.

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