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BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin tests UAS

March 31, 2023  - By


Image: Air Force Staff Sgt. Rachel Simones/ Department of Defense.

Image: Air Force Staff Sgt. Rachel Simones/ Department of Defense.

BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin Skunk Works partnered to test the Skunk Works Stalker and Indago UAS on BAE Systems’ amphibious combat vehicle (ACV) command, control, communication and computers (C4)/UAS variant. The UAS will provide reconnaissance capabilities to support U.S. Marine Corps expeditionary warfare and battle management capabilities.

BAE Systems tested the Stalker and Indago UAS — in addition to other technology suppliers — as a part of contractor verification testing. With contractor verification testing complete, the USMC plans to conduct additional tests to evaluate whether the AVC C4/UAS is a solution for the Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle program.

“By integrating Stalker and Indago on BAE Systems’ ACV platform, we are delivering greater mission flexibility in a small form factor that supports Marine Corps operations,” Jacob Johnson, Skunk Works UAS and attritable systems director, said.

The Skunk Works Stalker and Indago UAS provide a broad operating envelope and endurance, which enables diverse and demanding missions while maintaining a small operational footprint and crew requirement.

BAE Systems’ ACV C4/UAS vehicle is a mobile systems integration lab built to demonstrate the technology Marines need to conduct reconnaissance, surveillance and acquisition capabilities, including the ability to sense and communicate targets over the horizon using C4 systems.

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