Asensing demos HD-MapBox for lane-level positioning

February 2, 2022  - By


Photo: Asensing

Photo: Asensing

Guangzhou Asensing Technology Co. Ltd, which specializes in high-precision positioning technology for intelligent transportation, demonstrated HD-MapBox at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which took place Jan. 5-8 in Las Vegas.

HD-MapBox integrates high-precision map data based on high-precision positioning.

The device can achieve lane-level positioning and 1+ mile (2 km) predictive cruise control (PCC), providing a decision basis for advanced assisted driving to better meet the demanding positioning requirements of autonomous vehicles.

“As the premise for autonomous driving safety, high-precision positioning is of great importance for integrating positioning technology based on inertial measurement units (IMU), GNSS signals, visual perception systems and high-definition (HD) maps,” said Situ Chunhui, Asensing Technology CTO. “High-precision positioning is becoming the preferred choice due to higher positioning accuracy and improved redundancy as well as an enhanced passing rate under all scenarios.”

Under any driving scenario, autonomous vehicles must accurately interpret their own lane-level location information to better predict and prevent risks and make safe driving decisions. As a result, positioning is not only part of the autonomous driving process, but also the premise of autonomous driving.

However, any single positioning technology has its own limitations, especially in certain scenarios such as in tunnels and underground garages where the perception system may be adversely affected by changes in the amount of light and low GPS signal, thereby affecting driving safety.

Fusing data from a GNSS receiver, IMU, ADAS camera, vehicle dynamics and HD maps, the HD-MapBox can achieve a lateral error of less than 8 inches (0.2 meters) and a longitudinal error of less than 6.5 feet (2 meters) with a 95 percent confidence interval, providing an accurate reference for highway pilot (HWP) and automated valet parking (AVP). Even if both GNSS and lane line detection are not available, the HD-MapBox can still enable vehicles to keep in lane for at least a quarter mile (400 meters).