Ag Leader launches GNSS smart antenna for precision agriculture

November 8, 2018  - By

Ag Leader has unveiled new guidance and steering solutions for precision agriculture, including a dual-antenna automated steering system and the latest in GNSS technology.

The GPS 7500 GNSS smart antenna. (Photo: Ag Leader)

The GPS 7500 GNSS smart antenna. (Photo: Ag Leader)

The GPS 7500 is a field-ready, multi-frequency GNSS smart antenna providing the latest technology including access to multiple GNSS signals for up to sub-inch accuracy and increased performance in variable terrain.

When combined with NovAtel’s TerraStar-C PRO differential correction service, GPS 7500 receives multi-constellation support for better satellite availability.

A full range of performance accuracies are available from GLIDE to RTK, offering a variety of solutions for customers. Combined with SteerCommand, the GPS 7500 offers sub-inch real-time kinematic (RTK) accuracy using the Relay 400, Relay 900 or InCommand NTRIP Client.

The receivers with InCommand software. (Photo: Ag Leader)

The receivers with InCommand software. (Photo: Ag Leader)

Wi-Fi capability within GPS 7500 allows for base-station configuration from a smartphone or tablet.When uptime is valued over absolute accuracy, integrated StableLoc technology utilizes available correction signals to provide a seamless transition between correction sources — without position jumps — and maximize signal uptime.

“SteerCommand with DualTrac brings a dual-antenna offering to the market that provides RTK accuracy and meets the needs of many farmers requiring high-accuracy automated steering at low speeds,” said Bill Cran, Ag Leader product specialist. “New GNSS technology in the GPS 7500 was leveraged to make this possible and also adds new satellite and correction offerings including TerraStar-C PRO.”

The GPS 7500 supports the new TerraStar-C PRO service, available in 3-month and 12-month subscriptions. TerraStar-C PRO offers multi-constellation/multi-frequency positioning with greater accuracy, availability and reliability than before. Its convergence is 60-percent faster and accuracy 40-percent better than TerraStar-C to overcome challenging signal conditions such as multipath, shading, interference and scintillation.

SteerCommand with DualTrac. Combining the GPS 7500 receivers with SteerCommand and InCommand displays offers automated steering control with sub-inch accuracy at ultra-low speed (as low as 0.05 mph). SteerCommand with DualTrac is designed for operations requiring precise steering such as planting or harvesting bedded crops, installing drip tape or planting and harvesting specialty crops. It provides a stable heading, even when the vehicle is not moving, as well as rapid line acquisition in forward or reverse.

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