ADVA launches ePRC optical cesium clock for network backup

June 3, 2020  - By
Photo: ADVA

Photo: ADVA

ADVA has launched a ePRC optical cesium atomic clock solution to protect synchronization networks during GNSS disruptions. The OSA 3350 ePRC+ offers vital backup for mission-critical infrastructures that depend on satellite-based timing, such as mobile networks and power utilities.

The Oscilloquartz OSA 3350 ePRC+ provides high stability and long life, as well as built-in support for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) . It also meets stringent performance demands as well as the cost points needed for mobile networks transitioning to 5G.

Featuring an all-digital design, the OSA 3350 ePRC+ leverages optical-pumping techniques. It greatly improves performance by providing an extremely stable frequency source.

When used with enhanced primary reference time clocks (ePRTCs), the OSA 3350 ePRC+ delivers holdover for 14 days with an accumulated error of up to 35 nanoseconds. This far exceeds the ITU-T ePRC G.811.1 standard that requires an accumulated error under 70 nanoseconds.

The OSA 3350 ePRC+ also delivers optimum stability for more than 10 years, much longer than the lifespan of high-performance magnetic cesium clocks.

With a fully modular design, the optical cesium solution features a wide range of telecom synchronization output interfaces and supports modern and secured management capabilities with SNMP. It is RoHS-compliant and is fully integrated into ADVA’s Ensemble management and control software suite for operational simplicity and ease of use.

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