Veripos Introduces GNSS Mobile for Offshore Positioning

September 11, 2013  - By

Veripos LD7

Veripos, supplier of high-precision GNSS positioning services to the offshore industry, has extended its range of integrated mobile receiver units with introduction of a multi-frequency system featuring GNSS heading, L-band positioning and wireless communication capabilities, the LD7.

Typical use is for the provision of high accuracy heading output combined with high accuracy positioning data for vessel systems.

Compatible with both GPS and GLONASS networks, the fully ruggedized 272-channel system includes an additional processor for on-board configuration and customized applications separate from its GNSS engine. Integral wireless options include Bluetooth for simple configuration in addition to an optional full-band UHF radio modem for transmission and reception of RTCM or RTK corrections.

With 2GB internal memory and provision for remote Ethernet access, the LD7 also features an extended range of interface facilities for data output, timing and event marks in addition to a second antenna port for GNSS heading.