Unicore’s position accuracy matters for all farm tasks

January 31, 2022  - By
Photo: Unicore

Photo: Unicore

Although GNSS has been applied in agriculture for many years, farmers still encounter challenges caused by GNSS. No matter the farm task — planting, spraying, harvesting or specialized applications such as robotic grass mowing — position accuracy matters.
Here are the most common issues farmers have and how Unicore’s products help.

  • Under canopy. They are unable to get a fix under heavy foliage canopy because the real-time correction signal is interrupted or “shaded out” by the canopy. Unicore is launching two new modules that will help mitigate this problem.
  • Loss of lock. At times, the receivers lose lock or get large position errors when the ionosphere’s effects are severe. Driven by a full-constellation and full-frequency RTK engine, Unicore’s RTK algorithm takes advantage of triple and quad frequency observables, effectively mitigating ionospheric residuals.
  • Loss of 4G signals. RTK can provide real-time centimeter-level high-precision positioning, which requires real-time base station data. In practical applications, radio or wireless network communication is often interrupted. During the interruption of the base station data, RTK’s positioning accuracy decreases quickly. Unicore’s RTK KEEP technology can maintain the centimeter-level positioning accuracy for more than 10 minutes after the interruption.
  • Lack of CORS stations. It is challenging to provide a stable high accuracy position for an ultra-long baseline. With the mitigation of ionospheric and tropospheric delays, Unicore products’ RTK baseline can be extended to up to 50 kilometers.

The UM980 is Unicore’s new-generation high-precision RTK positioning module, supporting full constellation and full-frequency. Relying on the strengths of high reliability, precise positioning accuracy and low latency, UM980 is not only well suited for high-precision surveying and mapping, but also a good choice for rover or base station receivers in agriculture.

The UM982 is a dual-antenna high-precision positioning and heading module. Since its master and slave antennas can simultaneously track all the frequencies of all the GNSS systems, the UM982 performs fast on-chip RTK positioning and dual-antenna heading solutions without the need to initialize the IMU. Featuring great positioning performance and stability, the UM982 is a perfect choice for high-precision agriculture applications, such as drones, autonomous tractors and autonomous lawnmowers.

Both products will be available in June 2022.

About the Author: Matteo Luccio

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