Unicore introduces GNSS/INS high-precision board, CLAP-B

October 16, 2018  - By
Photo: Unicore

Photo: Unicore

Unicore Communications has launched CLAP-B, a multi-GNSS/MEMS integrated inertial navigation board, which integrates a miniaturized high-performance inertial measurement unit (IMU) on a compact high performance GNSS board.

The high-accuracy GNSS positioning coupled with a high-precision gyro and accelerometer provides stable, continuous three-dimensional position, velocity and attitude, as well as original acceleration and angular velocity measurements, even in GNSS-denied environments, the company said.

CLAP (Concurrent Localization & Attitude Pilot) technology is a high-precision multi-sensor fusion positioning and orientation technology developed by Unicore.

The CLAP- B, along with all the UM and UB family of receivers, are on display at BDStar booth C12.0C.022 for the duration of Intergeo 2018 starting Oct. 16 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Key features of the CLAP-B include:

  • Compact size: 46 × 71 × 17.1 mm
  • 5-ns RMS PPS output
  • 0.1 degree (1σ) pitch and roll
  • WINS optimized technology (wheel INS) for vehicles, wheeled robotics
  • Integrated INS/GNSS/odometer
  • 100-Hz positioning output/original IMU measurement output
  • Support for BDS B1 / B2 + GPS L1 / L2 + GLONASS L1 / L2 + Galileo E1 / E5b + QZSS L1/L2
  • Supports dual-antenna or single antenna
  • 3.3 ~ 5 VDC input

With the features of compact size, light weight, low power consumption, and easy for integration and mass production, CLAP-B is suitable for applications such as autonomous driving, smart surveying, unmanned aerial vehicles and various attitude stabilization platforms. Customer samples will be available by the first quarter of 2019.