Trimble Launches New Version of 4D Control Software

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Trimble has introduced the latest version of its deformation monitoring software, Trimble 4D Control version 4.3. The latest version features new optional monitoring applications — the High Rise App, the SeismoGeodetic App and the Trimble 4D Control Site Setup App for Trimble Access — to better analyze complex data communicated from a broad range of GNSS, optical, geotechnical, seismic, atmospheric and metrological sensors.

Trimble says it is continuing to expand the ways in which quantifying movement change can be automated using a range of geodetic, seismic and engineering sensors. The opportunities in automation play a significant part in effective project safety management and construction strategies, the company said. Equally important is the analysis of complex data communicated via simple visual terms in order to understand the impacts of change between disciplines.

Version 4.3 includes a dedicated page to support the functionality of the High Rise App and Composite Views for combining charts, plots and other displays. High-frequency charts, comparative bar charts, tabular and windrose analysis as well as a new visualization tool designated for in-place inclinometers and tilt meter arrays are ways to examine complex data and present findings in a meaningful way, Trimble said.

In addition to the new High Rise App, SeismoGeodetic App and Trimble 4D Control Site Setup App, the software release and apps also provide new functionality for data processing, visualization and analysis. The interactive Web Interface, Trimble 4D Control Web, provides improved multi-select control and more granularity for customizing alarms.

High Rise App: The High Rise App is intended to monitor high-rise structures during construction using GNSS and inclination sensors. Integrated processing of GNSS, total station and inclination data delivers precise and reliable coordinates on demand for stake-out jobs on structures subject to tilt such as towers and high rise buildings.

SeismoGeodetic App: The SeismoGeodetic App integrates the advantages of high-precision GNSS data and high frequency strong motion data. The data from co-located GNSS receivers and Trimble REF TEK strong motion accelerometers can now be processed in an integrated approach resulting in high-precision 3D positions up to a sample rate of 500 Hz.

Trimble 4D Control Site Setup App for Trimble Access: The Trimble 4D Control Site Setup App for Trimble Access field software allows the user to create, enhance or modify a total station site setup for Trimble 4D Control using a Trimble field controller. Once the site setup has been transferred to Trimble 4D Control, round measurements can be performed immediately without the need to run the Site Setup functionality on the server.

Trimble 4D Control version 4.3, High Rise App, SeismoGeodetic App and the Trimble 4D Control Site Setup App for Trimble Access software are available now from Trimble’s worldwide Infrastructure distribution network.

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