Trimble Adds Asset Tracking to Fleet Management Suite

October 16, 2015  - By

trimble_logo_OLDTrimble has launched Trimble Asset Tracking, a solution that offers complete visibility into the location and utilization of portable assets from a convenient portal.

An enhancement to its fleet management portfolio, Trimble Asset Tracking enables field service organizations operating high-value portable assets, such as generators, pumps or trailers that are towed behind a service vehicle, to better manage asset performance and costs to increase efficiencies and improve operations.

“We recognize the importance for businesses to have the visibility to not only manage their vehicles but also their portable assets,” said John Cameron, general manager of Trimble’s Field Service Management Division. “Asset tracking solutions are becoming an increasingly valuable tool for those that rent, lease or own portable assets that are critical to their field service operation. Having real-time information into the location and utilization of portable assets can enable businesses to determine how best they should be deployed in order to optimize productivity and their return-on-investment.”

Key features include:

  • A map view of the location and status of the towed, powered and non-powered assets.
  • Integration with Trimble Fleet Management to view vehicles alongside the assets within one interface.
  • High-level utilization reports for an individual or group of assets from across multiple locations.
  • Rugged hardware with simple installation.
  • Long-life battery that can send location alerts for up to 3 months on a single charge.
  • Real-time alerts if a unit changes location, has been disconnected and wakes on motion for instant location reporting.

Trimble Asset Tracking enables businesses in industries from construction to utilities to streamline their workflow in the field. When deployed in conjunction with Trimble Fleet Management, businesses can benefit from a single portal to view their entire field operation, knowing where each vehicle and asset is in real time at the touch of a button.