TMW Systems Partners with FleetLocate to Provide an Integrated Approach to Trailer Utilization

August 15, 2012  - By
Image: GPS World

TMW Systems, provider of enterprise software to transportation and logistics companies, has announced a new partnership with Spireon. This partnership will provide for-hire carriers and private fleets with detailed information on trailer location, capacity, and trailer operations to improve utilization and compliance. The partnership provides pre-built integration between Spireon’s FleetLocate solution and TMW Systems’ TMW Suite and TMT Fleet Maintenance solutions.

The TMW Suite integration with FleetLocate captures GPS position information from trailers, whether tethered or not. The TMT Fleet Maintenance now captures GPS position information and mileage. The integration provides automatic scheduling of preventive maintenance work based on actual miles traveled and automatically alerts the maintenance department when a trailer requiring repairs or maintenance enters the yard.

The integrated solutions are being used by a number of fleets:

  • Bengal Transportation Services — Integration gives Bengal the benefit of viewing the entire fleet of trucks and trailers on one screen. Dispatchers have a complete view of tractors, trailers, drivers, and loads.
  • Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated — The integration provides CCBCC with a systematic way to track trailers within their TMW Suite dispatch system.
  • Matheson Trucking, Inc. — The integration provides Matheson with real-time updates when trailers move and also tracks accumulated mileage.  Operations and maintenance personnel receive a notification when a trailer is ready for service.

“FleetLocate is a unique trailer platform that provides continual, real-time views of an entire trailer fleet,” said Scott Vanselous of TMW Systems. “Through the partnership with FleetLocate, our customers receive valuable operational and reporting capabilities within TMW Suite and TMT Fleet Maintenance software to improve utilization and reduce costs associated with their trailers.”

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