Trackimo Launches in North America at CES

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Tracking device maker Trackimo will make its official North American debut at a press conference on Jan. 7 during the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. At the press conference Trackimo will showcase its new line of tracking devices that will be introduced throughout 2015.  Trackimo will also announce its partnership with Trackimo North America as an exclusive U.S. and Canadian distribution partner.

Trackimo was founded and is based in Israel. The company already has distribution deals in Latin America, Europe and Israel. The new distribution partnership in North America will offer its product to the mass market, according to Trackimo.

“We are very excited to be able to provide Trackimo’s cutting-edge technology at an entirely new price point that virtually sets a new mass market segment for tracking devices,” said Shai Bar-Lavi, CEO and Chairman of Trackimo, Inc. “We offer a whole new approach to tracking that enables consumers to use our products and services in ways that were not possible before.”

“We’re very excited to be part of the Trackimo Worldwide team and to be launching Trackimo into the North American market,” says Jim Prandine, vice president of sales, Trackimo North America. “Trackimo Universal covers dozens of applications in various channels, and our new upcoming products will broaden consumer demand even further.”

Bar Lavi added,  “We are very excited about this new partnership with Trackimo North America as it opens up limitless opportunities for the Trackimo brand.”

Debuting at CES:

  • Trackimo Universal: A compact (45 x 18 x 40 millimeter), lightweight device with long-lasting battery life and worldwide service. Included accessories allow users to secure Trackimo device to different objects, including backpacks, bikes, belts and luggage. Trackimo Universal can also be hardwired in a car, eliminating the need for charging. Designed for outdoor use, the Trackimo device also includes accessories for waterproofing.
  • The Trackimo app offers a single-point login for both computers and mobile platforms to allow effortless management of tracking units. It offers multiple device management under a single account, as well as, a variety of remote settings options.

Highlights of Trackimo’s products include:

  • Dynamic Tracking Frequency: User-controlled location sampling enables optimized energy consumption.
  • Smart Alerts: User alerts via text, email and app notifications for location change, speed thresholds, sudden movement or impact, or SOS button press.
  • Dynamic History: All tracking history is stored; user can recall any time period and select from a variety of time resolutions.
  • GPS Tracking: Highly accurate locations when GPS reception available, but capable of accurate tracking wherever cell phone reception is available.
  • Virtual Fences: User-defined “geofences” give notifications when specific boundaries are crossed.
  • Multiple Devices: Multiple devices can be simultaneously tracked and managed on a single account.
  • Coming soon: Emergency Voice Channel: Voice channel can be opened automatically when SOS button is pressed, allowing remote user to hear what’s happening on site.
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  1. Mark Ranin says:

    Rather shameless to pick up a name so close to the market leader Tramigo