TinyMobileRobots enters the field painting game with TinyLineMarker

December 8, 2022  - By

Image: TinyMobileRobots

TinyMobileRobots’ has introduced TinyLineMarker to the field painting market. TinyLineMarker is designed to accurately paint field lines in stadiums using GPS technology.

In addition to GPS signals, the robot receives corrections signals from an RTK network in order to accurately trace the markers onto the field. Even if the GPS signal is disrupted, the numerous RTK network reference stations make it possible for the robot to correct its position and continue painting.

As TinyLineMarker is compatible with handheld tablets, the robot will begin painting in accordance with the markers when it is started from a tablet. Once the robot completes a line marking job, the line pattern can be saved to the cloud and saved for future use. Line patterns can also be updated or changed from a tablet as needed.

About the Author: Maddie Saines

Maddie was a managing editor at GPS World.