Tilt sensor enables accurate performance in industrial applications

January 27, 2016  - By
The 0729-1760-04 Dual Axis RS-485 inclinometer by The Fredericks Company.

The 0729-1760-04 Dual Axis RS-485 inclinometer by The Fredericks Company.

The Fredericks Company has released a new inclinometer. The 0729-1760-04 Dual Axis RS-485 inclinometer uses a Fredericks TrueTILT wide-range electrolytic tilt sensor and RS-485 signal conditioner to provide reliable tilt measurement.

By measuring and signaling tilt from a level position, the inclinometer helps to ensure precise execution in applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, satellite dish alignment, robotic controls, aerial lift platform leveling and wheel alignment systems. It is designed for measuring position in industrial applications to ensure accurate performance and consistent production.

The inclinometer uses RS-485 communications, which allows up to 32 sensors on a single network to reduce wiring requirements. Additional benefits include low power consumption, small size, long life and excellent resolution and repeatability. It has a supply voltage of 5 V DC, ±10˚ dual axis range and operating temperature of -40 °C to +70 °C.

“The Dual Axis RS-485 Inclinometer provides reliable tilt measurement for a wide range of applications where high precision leveling is critical,” said Heidi McKenna, president of The Fredericks Company.

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