Taoglas launches Edge Locate for cm-level GNSS positioning for IoT

October 22, 2019  - By

Photo: Taoglas

Taoglas, a provider of next-generation internet of things (IoT) solutions, has launched Edge Locate, a GNSS L1/L2/E5 module that combines antenna, RF electronics and receiver technology to deliver reliable centimeter-level positioning.

Taoglas, in partnership with u-blox, created a smart antenna that uses multi-band GNSS technology, providing between 1- to 3-centimeter-level accuracy.

With Edge Locate, manufacturers can quickly and effectively build devices with centimeter-level positioning technology, without having to invest in costly and lengthy RF design, integration and testing processes.

The device features multiband GNSS positioning that can be used in conjunction with cost-effective real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning capability.

Traditionally, most IoT devices use single-band GPS technology, delivering on average 10-meter accuracy with existing GPS modules and antennas, Taoglas said in a press release. This enables location-specific, mission-critical services such as emergency response, smart infrastructure, precision agriculture and microbility mobility applications where precise location provides critical value to the IoT application.

Taoglas can also consult and install the RTK network in any global location for any IoT use case.

“Centimeter-level positioning is absolutely key to the next-generation of IoT enabled applications,” said Ronan Quinlan, Co-CEO of Taoglas. “Take an example from the burgeoning micro-mobility industry. When granting licenses from a trial, the city authorities would like to monitor the riders of e-scooters, ensuring riders are staying off footpaths, or parking in designated areas. The problem is that today’s legacy GPS solutions don’t often know which side of the road a scooter is on. Whereas with our solution, fleet operators can pinpoint within just a few centimeters where a device is located. We do this by working with our customers to enable the whole solution and we make sure it works reliably in real life.”

Edge Locate can greatly accelerate the latest GNSS multiband product launch plans by offering a plug-and-play product that uses a common connector for integration into any electronics device. It also connects directly to the Taoglas Edge board for immediately connectivity options.

Taoglas is exhibiting at Mobile World Congress Americas, Booth 2602 in the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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