Tallysman Wireless Wideband Dual-Feed GPS L1/GLONASS/ Galileo Antennas

June 18, 2013  - By

Photo: Tallysman

Tallysman Wireless announces the TW4421 and TW1421 antennas, which offer a step forward in performance for small GNSS antennas, the company said.

The TW4421 is a low-cost dual-feed magnetic mount antenna covering the GPS L1, GLONASS L1, Galileo and SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS & MSAS) frequency band (1574 to 1606 MHz). The TW4421 features a 25-millimeter dual-feed wideband patch element that provides excellent multipath rejection with a more linear carrier phase response, by virtue of a low axial ratio across the full frequency bandwidth, Tallysman said. It is especially suitable for high accuracy applications, and also offers high out-of-band signal rejection.

The TW4421 is housed in a compact IP67 magnetic mount enclosure and is available with a wide range of connector options.

The TW1421 embedded antenna is lightweight (30 gm) and features a very small footprint (35 mm diameter x 7.25 mm). The TW1421 is suited for use in applications where performance and small size are of paramount importance, such as extreme-sport-wearable tracking devices and UAVs.

“Most small low-cost GPS/GLONASS/Galileo antennas are narrow-band devices with an elliptically polarized response at the GPS and GLONASS frequencies,” said Gyles Panther CEO of Tallysman Wireless. “The TW4421/1421 antennas feature a 40-percent wider bandwidth patch, with a dual-feed structure, which provides unparalleled multipath rejection previously only available in much larger, more expensive antennas.”

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