Swift Navigation releases firmware 1.1 upgrade for Piksi Multi

May 25, 2017  - By

The Piksi Multi. Photo: Swift

Swift Navigation has released its first major firmware upgrade for its flagship product, the Piksi Multi GNSS module.

The upgrade is available at no cost to Piksi Multi users and expands on dynamic real-time kinematic (RTK) application support, increasing functionality for users, expanding use-case applications and allowing users to better leverage existing infrastructure and facilitate post-processing.

Firmware version 1.1 updates include:

  • Increased Data Output Rates to Support Dynamic Use Cases
  • GNSS Measurements (Raw Data) – Up to 20 Hz
  • RTK Output Support
  • Low Latency Mode – Up to 20 Hz
  • Time-Matched/Heading Mode – Up to 5 Hz
  • IMU (Raw Data) – Up to 200 Hz

Moving Baseline RTK Support. The capability to do real-time, precise relative positioning between two receivers where both receivers can now be in motion.

RTK-Based Heading Support. The capability to do real-time RTK-based heading for direction finding — even when stationary — without the need for expensive navigational equipment such as gyrocompasses.

Improved 1 PPS Support. The Piksi Multi Pulse Per Second (PPS) feature has been upgraded to support more customization.

Standalone RINEX Conversion Utility Tool. The tool allows end-users using RTKLIB, such as those with UAV surveying applications, additional tools to support their post-process kinematic needs.

Improved Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure (RTCM 3.1 Input). This added support enables end-users to better leverage existing base station infrastructure to receive RTK corrections (observations, station coordinates, etc.) from already deployed Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS).

For detailed information about the upgrades, refer to the Piksi Multi Firmware 1.1 Release. For detailed instructions on how to upgrade a Piksi Multi device, refer to Section 7 of the Getting Started Guide, Piksi Multi – Upgrading Firmware. For firmware release binaries and product support documentation, visit support.swiftnav.com.

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