Swift, Carnegie Robotics partner on GNSS for robotics, autonomous driving

March 29, 2017  - By

Swift Navigation is teaming up with Carnegie Robotics LLC to develop a line of navigation products for autonomous vehicles, outdoor robotics and machine control. The first navigation product will be announced May 8 at the AUVSI XPONENTIAL event in Dallas, Texas.

Swift Navigation is a San Francisco-based startup building centimeter-accurate GPS technology for autonomous vehicles, and Carnegie Robotics LLC (CRL), the industry leader in reliable robotic components and systems.

Swift Navigation solutions use real-time kinematics (RTK) technology, providing location solutions that are 100 times more accurate than traditional GPS. In 2016, Swift shipped the Piksi Multi, a multi-band, multi-constellation high-precision GNSS receiver, suitable for autonomous vehicles.

The Piksi Multi.

The Piksi Multi.

The Piksi Multi offers advanced precision GNSS capabilities for the mass market. The robotics market, through this partnership with Carnegie Robotics, stands to benefit from Piksi Multi’s improved localization and control, the companies said.

Carnegie Robotics supplies rugged, reliable robotic systems for real-world work. The team at Carnegie Robotics has decades of experience successfully transitioning state-of-the-art technologies from early design into commercial use in precision agriculture, machine control, autonomous vehicles and industrial and military robots. This process requires both a deep knowledge of robotics and best-in-class engineering, but it cannot succeed without also addressing the business case, the needs of the end-user, reliability, maintenance, safety, certifications and the dozens of other essential factors necessary for a product to succeed in the real world.

“Swift’s technology is perfectly suited for the world of robotics, and we couldn’t do better than working with the renowned industry leaders at Carnegie Robotics,” said Timothy Harris, CEO of Swift Navigation. “From their robotics technology expertise to their inertial intellectual property, Carnegie is an ideal partner for Swift. We are looking forward to developing an exciting line of products and making more joint announcements in the near future.”

“Thanks to its focus on high-accuracy and low-cost, Swift Navigation has established itself as a leader and innovator in the world of high-precision GNSS,” said Steve DiAntonio, CEO of Carnegie Robotics. “Swift is an ideal partner to work with us on rapid development of robots and autonomous systems. We’re designing our joint line of products specifically for outdoor robots and autonomous vehicles with the appropriate physical, electrical and software interfaces to enable rapid deployment of precision GNSS and other mission-critical sensors.”

More information about the partnership and the unveiling of this duo’s first joint product will take place at AUVSI XPONENTIAL. Visit the joint Swift Navigation and Carnegie Robotics booth #506 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.