STMicroelectronics releases ST87M01 for IoT devices

February 27, 2023  - By
Image: STMicroelectronics

Image: STMicroelectronics 

STMicroelectronics has released an ultra-compact, low-power, narrow-band internet of things (NB-IoT) industrial module with GNSS geo-location capabilities, the ST87M01. The fully programmable, certified LTE Cat NB2 NB-IoT industrial module covers worldwide cellular frequency bands and integrates advanced security features. 

The ST87M01 is an integrated native GNSS receiver with multi-constellation access, which ensures enhanced and accurate localization. The module has a diminutive 10.6 mm x 12.8 mm land grid array footprint, making it suitable for applications where a small form factor is key.  

The STM8701 offers flexibility for product developers, presenting a fully programmable IoT platform enabling users to embed their own code into the module for simple applications. A variety of protocol stacks are available to handle popular IoT use cases. 

The ST87M01 targets wide-ranging IoT applications that require ultra-reliable low-power wide-area network connectivity and has ultra-low power consumption with less than 2 µA in low-power mode and transmit output power up to +23 dBm.  

Suitable applications for the module include smart metering, smart grid, smart building, smart city and smart infrastructure applications, as well as industrial condition monitoring and factory automation, smart agriculture and environmental monitoring. The module can also be combined with a separate host microcontroller, permitting many more use cases. 

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