SimActive software speeds large-scale photogrammetry project

November 27, 2018  - By

Photogrammetry software Correlator3D was used for a large-scale project by First Base Solutions, announced software developer SimActive Inc.

The software allowed the processing of 50,000 large-format images at 200 megapixels, collected at a 10-centimeter resolution, on a single standard PC, the company added.

The size on disk for each image was 765 MB, for a total of 40 terabytes of raw data. Aerial triangulation was performed and digital surface models (DSMs), digital terrain models (DTMs) and orthomosaics were created, leading to more than 100 terabytes of output.

“We are impressed by the software speed and capabilities on large datasets,” said Brian Leggat, project supervisor of First Base Solutions. “Another advantage is SimActive’s support to quickly help us during our projects.”

First Base has been a user of the software for more than 10 years.

Photo: SimActive

Photo: SimActive