SeeControl Announces ThingTracr GPS Tracking Tool

July 31, 2013  - By

Source: SeeControl

SeeControl is announcing the roll out of ThingTracr, a hosted SaaS GPS tool for monitoring anything that needs to be tracked. The simple-to-use solution offers precise location tracking and historical analytics reporting for things of interest using a small and attachable GPS unit that requires no tools or wiring. The tracking service can be up and running in less than five minutes.

Using web browsers or mobile devices, a user can easily monitor the status of the tracked asset. It can be used for cars, trucks, trailers, packages, site equipment or anything else.

“There are several unique features that set ThingTracr apart from other tracking services,” said Bryan Kester, CEO of SeeControl. “One is a modifiable modern dashboard that allows users to personalize how they view the tracking information in the most convenient way for them. Another is the ability to upgrade and expand to new GPS trackers globally as they come on the market.”

Other features of ThingTracr include:

  •     90-day location history
  •     User customizable dashboards
  •     Low battery alarms
  •     Satellite / hybrid map views
  •     Multiple reports
  •     Data export – CSV/ PDF
  •     Trip Reports
  •     Range of pre-certified hardware
  •     Trip replays on maps

ThingTracr uses various battery-powered GPS devices, which can also notify users of several alarms including motion detected, speeding, and information regarding battery life.

The ThingTracr GPS tracking tool is just one of many vertical solutions available from SeeControl M2M ( Machine 2 Machine ) cloud platform. The ThingTracr solution is available through SeeControl partners including M2M distributors, Network Operators and Systems Integrators.

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