Security not just a receiver problem: NTP attacks on time servers

September 21, 2016  - By
Image: GPS World

NTP attacks on time servers and other vital topics will be explored in GPS World‘s Sept. 22 “GPS/GNSS and Cybersecurity” webinar, sponsored by Microsemi. Sign up now for free attendance and participation in the free-form Q&A that will follow the four expert presentations.

  • In its most general form, spoofing can be conducted using RF as well as cyber attacks. Cyber attacks can be in the form of malicious software, falsified maps, man in the middle attacks, signing location with stolen credentials, reference station manipulation, lying — and more!
  • The role of timing in cybersecurity.
  • Log-file time-stamp accuracy and client/server time synchronization.
  • New protection technologies: meeting accuracy, reliability & security imperatives.
  • GPS jamming effect on time servers: analogous to unplugging the GPS antenna
  • Network attacks on NTP time servers: Synchronizing to “free time” is risky practice.
  • Why you need a security-hardened NTP reflector: resistant to nearly all kinds of network attacks.
  • Four-level protection against malicious signals: pre-correlation, correlation, measurement and solution level defenses, their pros and cons.
  • Benefits of sensor fusion for secure receiver design.
  • Example implementation: deep GNSS/Inertial integration for jamming suppression and spoofing mitigation.

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