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Rx Networks Enables Fast GNSS Positioning in Recon Jet Smart Glasses

September 15, 2014  - By

Photo: Rx Networks, Inc

Rx Networks, Inc., has licensed its GPStream PGPS GNSS assistance technology to Recon Instruments, a Canadian technology company that brings heads-up display products to the consumer market. GPStream PGPS will tightly integrate with the GPS chip inside of Recon’s upcoming Jet smart glasses, an advanced wearable computer planned for the first quarter of 2015.

Through its location and GNSS assistance software and services, Rx Networks empowers fast positioning in more than a billion mobile devices every day, the company said. Its GPStream PGPS solution, licensed and deployed in more than 100 million smartphones and personal navigation devices, accurately predicts the future orbits of satellites for up to two weeks in advance. It then stands by, ready to deliver this assistance data into a GNSS chipset when it powers up. This not only speeds up initial time to first fix (TTFF) from 45 seconds down to less than 3 seconds, it also improves the receiver sensitivity and reduces power consumption. From a user perspective, this translates into longer battery life and faster initialization of apps that depend on location, even in difficult environments.

According to IDC, the wearable devices market is expected to grow from 19.2M units in 2014 to 111.9M units in 2018. Most form factors today rely on the presence of a smartphone as a hub for core functions like Internet access or location. “We are seeing an exciting new trend in the mobile location market,” said Guylain Roy-MacHabée, CEO of Rx Networks Inc. “From smartwatches to smart glasses, we are helping OEMs optimally implement satellite navigation and other means of positioning directly in this new class of smart wearables devices.”