ROCK Robotic announces new product and partnership

January 11, 2023  - By

On Jan. 6, ROCK Robotic, a geospatial company specializing in lidar-based data processing and high-definition mapping, announced the availability of ROCK Base, a triple frequency RTK base station. Additionally, ROCK Robotic has partnered with the Web3 GEODNET initiative to support critical applications in civil surveying, high-definition mapping, digital twin creation and more.

ROCK Base is a resilient, secure, full-constellation GNSS receiver, capable of tracking signals transmitted from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, and the IRNSS navigation satellite constellations. It includes 1,400 channels, survey-grade antennae, cables and antennae-mounting equipment required to set up a permanent continuously operating reference station location.

To make high-definition mapping more accessible and affordable, ROCK Robotic joined the Web3 GEODNET initiative, the largest decentralized GNSS reference network globally. Under the new partnership, ROCK Robotic customers will have access to the GEODNET base-station network to geo-reference ROCK Robotic’s 3D data products to millimeter-level absolute position accuracy, without setting up ground control points. Additionally, ROCK Base is pre-certified on the GEODNET network.

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