Report on Indian GPS Market Looks at Next 5 Years

March 12, 2015  - By
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Feedback Business Consulting has released a report on opportunity in the Indian GPS current market scenario, structure and practices.

The market scenario in “Opportunity in the Indian Global Positioning System (GPS) Market — 2015” includes current market size estimates by players, top companies, product categories, end user segments and regions. The product categories include tracking and navigation; segments include automobile, logistics, IT, ITe and mobile phones.

The market structure section details the value of key players’ presence across products and end user segments. The market practices section explores understanding the GPS market sets in business, market trends, distribution practices and pricing.

Some of the key companies featured in the report include Aadhithya Systems, Blaupunkt India, Caska India, Garmin India, Google Maps India and Locationguru.

The report also provides a snapshot of key competition and past market trends with a forecast over the next five years. Anticipated growth rates and the factors driving and impacting growth are also provided.

Market data and analytics have been derived from a combination of primary and secondary sources.

More details and table of contents about this report can be found at Research and Markets’ website.

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