Project Overlord keeps your wheels safe with GPS

November 18, 2015  - By

Photo: Project Overlord

Project Overlord has launched RimTech in the U.S. Developed by former Nokia, IBM and Motorola executives, RimTech has a built-in GPS, motion sensor and camera, which attach to the tire and act as a security guard for automobile wheels. The vehicle owner controls the device through the accompanying iPhone and Android app, providing total control and surveillance at all times.

Using a two-stage system to eliminate false alarms to police departments, the vehicle owner is immediately alerted of a security compromise. When the car’s tires are approached closer than 3 inches or moved over 3 mm, RimTech will sound a continuous alarm to deter the thief and alert the owner through a push notification on their phone. If the thief proceeds to remove the wheels from the vehicle, a second mobile alert will notify the owner of the movement while police are simultaneously informed of the property’s location and owner’s vehicle information. The owner can use their mobile RimTech app to track the wheel’s real-time location with an accuracy of less than 10 feet.

“The auto industry has yet to introduce a fully comprehensive and effective wheel theft prevention system to the marketplace. Wheel locks are totally ineffective and can be removed in seconds. RimTech is the solution,” said Terrence Gaskin, founder and CEO of Project Overlord. “Project Overlord not only wants to protect your vehicle and its wheels, but also intends to partner with insurance companies to offer discounts for protected drivers.”

According to a recent Yahoo! News article, “Tires and wheels offer a near-perfect combination of attributes to thieves. They’re easy to haul, quick to remove, untraceable on online auction or classified sites, and frequently usable on several different vehicles, with a value that can hit $3,000 and higher per set.”

Product Highlights

  • App notifies users of tampered or stolen wheels
  • Alarm sounds if parked wheels are approached or move more than 3mm
  • App tracks stolen wheels and notifies authorities
  • Battery lasts a minimum of two days in tracking mode
  • Device captures at least 25 photos of surroundings and thief

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