Palm-sized selfie drone introduced at CES

January 9, 2017  - By

Photo: Nine Eagles

Nine Eagles, an emerging high technologies company that focuses on aerial vehicles developing and manufacturing, launched a selfie drone named MOLA-UFO at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

As an intelligent aerial photographer, MOLA-UFO is palm-sized and UFO-shaped. It has a patented triple axes EIS technology to ensure stability and high quality of the images. It also has and advanced image recognition technology that enables intelligent tracking of the subjects.

The MOLA-UFO is portable and intuitive, so users can launch the drone from their palms.

The selfie drone also features a unique recognition technology that can identify the subjects and lock them in frame, to intelligently track them. It can follow the subjects and shoot with a range of 360-degrees with its high-resolution 4K camera. Furthermore, the UAV is equipped with an app that features beauty selfie, time-lapse shooting and instant sharing via social networks.

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