OxTS Offers Core Module for Inertial, GNSS

January 30, 2015  - By
Oxford-Oxts-Core_hand Photo: Oxford Technical Solutions

Oxford Technical Solutions’ xOEMcore. Photo: Oxford Technical Solutions

The xOEMcore, now being offered by Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS), is an inertial navigation system that can also serve as a framework for other positioning systems.

The xOEMcore is a combined six-axis inertial measurement unit and navigation system with sensor fusion in one compact OEM module. In its base form, the xOEMcore measures and outputs raw accelerations and angular rates with small, high-grade MEMS gyros and accelerometers. With a simple upgrade, the xOEMcore is turned into a full inertial navigation system, able to take aiding data from external sources such as GNSS and blend it in the on-board Kalman filter. It is desgined for integration inside any solution that requires robust, high-performance position and orientation.

xOEMcore provides continuity from one point to the next, so detecting unexpected measurements from other devices is easy, the company said. It has deterministic error growth for accuracy, a high update rate and low delay, enabling easier control of vehicles and robots.

As a framework, the xOEMcore can be merged other technologies, such as GNSS and vision positioning. The xOEMcore solves conflicts between the two systems, removing timing mismatches, delays, jumps and inconsistencies.

The xOEMcore is small, light and low power. The inertial sensors have low drift rates — less than 5-meters drift after 60 seconds can be achieved in real-time with only odometer aiding. Heading, roll and pitch can be accurate to 0.05 degrees, exceeding magnetic heading and vertical reference system performance.

For a demonstration or for more informtion, contact info@oxts.com..