OriginGPS Unveils Multi-GNSS Module with Antenna for Wearables

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The Multi Micro Hornet by OriginGPS was designed small with wearables in mind.

The Multi Micro Hornet by OriginGPS was designed small with wearables in mind.

OriginGPS has launched the Multi Micro Hornet, a tiny fully integrated multiple constellation antenna module. The innovative architecture packs functionality and high-quality components in a small space to improve wearables’ fashion and function, the company said.

“A recent study by the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA) showed that multi-constellation is becoming a standard feature in today’s user equipment,” said Gal Jacobi, CEO of OriginGPS. “Developers of wearables need modules with these features in the smallest size possible to be competitive in a market the GSA predicts will reach 14 million by 2023.”

GPS World reported on the GSA market report in its April issue, and held a webinar on the report on April 16, which can be viewed for free.

The Multi Micro Hornet is designed for devices that require a small form factor, low power consumption, and high sensitivity. In keeping with the company’s “Mini + Mighty” corporate mantra, OriginGPS has reduced the total volume in size by over 68 percent of other GNSS antenna modules without sacrificing performance, the company claims.

The Multi Micro Hornet by OriginGPS.

The Multi Micro Hornet by OriginGPS.

The Multi Micro Hornet has features that will improve the navigation experience of wearables and other Internet of Things devices, including:

  • Small size, high performance: Despite its miniature outline of 10 x 10 mm and height of 5.9 mm, the Multi Micro Hornet module offers superior sensitivity and outstanding performance, achieving rapid Time To First Fix (TTFF) of less than one second, accuracy within as little as one meter, and sensitivity at -165 dBm by tracking both GPS and GLONASS constellations simultaneously.
  • High sensitivity and noise immunity: The Multi Micro Hornet continues to leverage OriginGPS’ patented and proprietary Noise Free Zone NFZ technology to ensure high sensitivity and noise immunity even under marginal signal conditions.
  • Reduced power consumption without compromising connectivity: It detects changes in context, temperature, and satellite signals to achieve a state of near continuous availability. By opportunistically updating its internal fine time, frequency and satellite ephemeris data, the Multi Micro Hornet is able to stay connected while consuming mere microwatts of battery power.
  • An intelligent design that shortens time to market: The Hornet family of GPS / GNSS antenna modules integrates a GNSS receiver and patch antenna in a single module. As a cornerstone of the OriginGPS portfolio, the Multi Micro Hornet’s pin-to-pin compatibility with the Micro and Nano Hornet modules ensures a seamless migration from GPS to GNSS and gives developers the ability to create new product offerings in the shortest time to market while minimizing costly design risks. Developers can connect it to a power source on a single layer PCB and be off and running.

Additionally, the Multi Micro Hornet module combines OriginGPS’ proprietary low-profile GPS+GLONASS antenna with a dual-stage LNA, RF LDO, SAW filter, TCXO, RTC crystal and RF shield with SiRFstarV GNSS system on chip.

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