OriginGPS and TDK collaborate on antenna integration for wearables

July 18, 2016  - By
Image: GPS World

TDK, a manufacturer of electronic components, and OriginGPS, a manufacturer of miniature GNSS modules, are collaborating to maximize GNSS performance in small devices such as wearables.

As part of the collaboration, customers using OriginGPS Spider modules will receive increased support to integrate TDK antennas into their designs, including existing reference designs coupled with TDK’s extensive electromagnetic simulation capabilities on GNSS performance.

“TDK is one of the most well-respected names in the RF industry, so it goes without saying that we’re very excited to be working with them to provide best-in-class location modules to their customers,” said Gal Jacobi, CEO of OriginGPS. “By joining designs of our products with TDK’s small form-factor chip antennas, customers will be able to get a firsthand understanding of how our GNSS solutions pack the world’s smallest footprint and add functionality to a wide range of wearables and other Internet of Things devices that require low-profile miniaturized chip antennas.”

The collaboration pairs OriginGPS’ smallest GNSS receiver modules, including the recently unveiled Multi Micro Spider, with the tiny chip antennas by TDK to deliver a “mini + mighty” solution for wearables that combines TDK’s specialized RF simulation capabilities with OriginGPS’ GNSS expertise and support.

The collaboration also benefits OriginGPS customers, the companies said. Those who purchase Spider product line modules for their wearables can now use them in conjunction with TDK antennas to meet specific requirements while minimizing design time, and receive TDK’s support for antenna matching and simulations.

“The combination of TDK’s small chip antennas along with OriginGPS’ GNSS receiver modules provides customers the best solution to miniaturize their products,” said Tuomo Katajamaki, Product Manager, RF Components of TDK. “Now customers can effectively see for themselves the advanced location capabilities that are possible by pairing OriginGPS’ GNSS modules with our omni-directional antennas, creating a unique solution for wearable applications that balances efficiency with our small form factor.”

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