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Omnitracs Unveils Next-Generation Navigation Solution

October 19, 2015  - By

Omnitracs-logoOmnitracs LLC has added Omnitracs Navigation to its portfolio of solutions. Omnitracs Navigation uses Big Data collected from more than 250,000 customers contributing more than four billion data points. The company terms Omnitracs Navigation the “next generation of navigation solutions” — it provides critical information to drivers through a user-friendly interface, with fast, near real-time updates and extensive fleet configuration options.

Omnitracs Navigation delivers critical information drivers need in a meaningful and distraction-free way, enabling them to be time efficient, stress free and safe while navigating.

Omnitracs Navigation provides fleets and drivers with the following features:

  • Data Publishing — All of the data is stored onboard with Omnitracs as the data publisher. Updates are sent to the unit automatically as the data changes so that the unit is always current. By leveraging traditional data (such as posted speed and traffic light locations) combined with real-time data (including current traffic and weather conditions), and Big Data (how a particular road is used at a certain time, and “black spot” high frequency accident zones), Omnitracs Navigation delivers a more consistent, predictable and accurate plan for maximizing the road network.
  • Actionable Data — Data is pulled from Omnitracs telematics units to build statistical models that create an enhanced, truck-preferred network that is constantly pushing new and actionable data to drivers. More than turn-by-turn instructions, the tool is constantly updated to ensure that drivers have a better and safer navigation experience.
  • Driver Community — Omnitracs Navigation has a closed-loop feedback mechanism, which brings driver feedback into the data-editing process and gives them an opportunity to improve their navigation experience, along with the navigation experience of fellow drivers. The loop is closed by informing the driver of how his or her feedback was used, leading to improved driver satisfaction and retention by acting as the driver’s trusted advisor.

“Navigation has evolved with the advent of smartphones and GPS devices, and the days of folded paper road maps are gone,” said Rick Turek, chief navigation scientist at Omnitracs. “However, we know that current and hybrid systems aren’t yet perfected and still struggle in keeping data current. Imagine not knowing that a new road has opened up or that a road’s name has changed; these are the types of things that can easily frustrate drivers. Omnitracs Navigation is the next-generation navigational solution that delivers current and actionable data so that drivers can do their jobs more safely and efficiently.”

Omnitracs Navigation leverages the proven technologies of HERE and INRIX. HERE Map Content contributes rich, automotive-grade data that enables large semi fleets to navigate across the U.S. and Canada. Through this partnership, Omnitracs provides precise turn-by-turn navigation, as well as enhanced resource tracking and route optimization.

INRIX will provide real-time traffic and historic traffic profiles, along with travel time and incident alerts, for every major road type including highways, arterials and city streets.  INRIX combines information from connected vehicles and other public and private sources to provide accurate real-time traffic that covers more than five million miles in 42 countries. Omnitracs Navigation will launch with INRIX Traffic XD Profiles, followed by real-time traffic and incidents.

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