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NovAtel introduces OEM7 with next-gen positioning technology

September 14, 2016  - By

NovAtel launched its new OEM7 family at ION GNSS+ 2016, which is being held Sept. 12-16 in Portland, Oregon. OEM7 expands the receiver options open to system integrators.

Five GNSS receiver cards are available, including the new OEM7600, the smallest, lightest dual-frequency receiver card ever developed by the company.

All cards have 555 available channels, are multi-constellation and multi-frequency and provide new advanced interference awareness and mitigation capabilities. Additionally, every OEM7 card can receive satellite-based TerraStar correction signals, making centimeter-level positioning globally available even in difficult operating environments. A new compact enclosure, the PwrPak7 houses OEM7 receiver technology, plus offers 16-GB of onboard data storage, built-in Wi-Fi and serial, USB, CAN and Ethernet for ease of integration.

A cornerstone of the OEM7 platform is the Interference Toolkit. The Interference Toolkit is used to detect sources of interference and intentional and unintentional jamming, and then mitigates such occurrences using proprietary NovAtel filters. Integrators can take advantage of a spectrum analysis function that identifies which GNSS frequency is experiencing the interference. Further, it can also detect electromagnetic interference caused by other components in an integration project, allowing developers to implement the filter and eliminate the problem.

NovAtel’s SPAN GNSS + Inertial technology delivers continuous 3D position, velocity and attitude (roll, pitch, yaw), and now is available on every OEM7 receiver.

OEM 7 Features

  • Multi-constellation and multi-frequency with 555 channels.
  • Advanced interference awareness and mitigation with an Interference Toolkit for integrators.
  • TerraStar corrections for centimeter positioning.
  • SPAN GNSS + Inertial technology.
  • PwrPak 7 enclosure with 16-GB of onboard storage.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, plus serial, USB, CAN and Ethernet.
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