New system designed to protect avionics from GPS jamming

January 31, 2017  - By

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled ADA — an advanced system that protects avionic systems from GPS jamming.

ADA has already been integrated into several systems and platforms operating both in Israel and abroad. The system recently won a tender from Israel’s Ministry of Defense for integration into one of the main platforms of the Israel Air Force.

ADA was developed by IAI’s MALAM division, a national center of excellence for anti-jamming protection of GNSS receivers.

Anti-GPS jamming system (ADA) by Israel Aerospace Industries.

Anti-GPS jamming system (ADA) by Israel Aerospace Industries. Photo: Israel Aerospace Industries

Under the terms of the project with the Israeli Air Force, IAI will deliver a turnkey solution based on its multi-channel Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) technology.

The ADA integration will ensure the operational continuity of the aircraft fleet, allowing avionic systems which rely on satellite navigation systems to continue uninterrupted operation even under direct electronic attack, when the enemy uses GPS jammers or other methods of interference.

“We are excited to receive this important contract, it is a great compliment for IAI,” said Jacob Galifat, general manager of the IAI MALAM division, “Facing today’s threats to GNSS, these systems are a must, for any platform using GPS, or any other global satellite navigation systems. Our operationally proven systems will ensure the availability of GPS- and GNSS-based systems, even in the most contested, EW-saturated battle space. Considering the operational challenges, we believe this system has considerable export potential for many air forces and armies who experience GNSS jamming in combat zones.”

The ADA system was successfully evaluated recently in the United States, at the NAVFEST event, where foreign military forces contest anti-jamming systems against various electronic-warfare challenges.

Modern navigation, communications and intelligence collection and electronic warfare systems integrated in modern platforms rely on the uninterrupted availability of satellite-based navigation and timing for their operation. Despite this dependency, most platforms do not use electronic counter countermeasures (ECCM) systems to protect those essential assets. Remaining exposed, even low-power jammers can disrupt or even deny the operation of GNSS systems, thus degrading the platform’s capability to fulfill its mission.

Based on an advanced electronic architecture and the implementation of sophisticated digital processing, the agile ADA system, developed by IAI MLM, protects a broad range of GNSS systems operating on manned and unmanned combat aircraft and helicopters. ADA variants are also used in land-based platforms such as main battle tanks and APCs, and on naval systems. Other derivatives of the system are integrated in various guided weapons.

The ADA system will be displayed at the Aero- India exhibition in Bangalore, India, Feb. 14-18, 2017 (Hall A, Booth A1.1a).

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