National Instruments Launches GPS Time-Stamping and Synchronization Module

November 14, 2012  - By
Image: GPS World


National Instruments has announced the NI 9467 GPS synchronization module, which accurately synchronizes a large-scale CompactRIO system with features such as data time-stamping and system clock setting.

The NI 9467 is one of six new C Series modules designed for NI CompactRIO embedded control systems and NI CompactDAQ modular data acquisition systems. By expanding the C Series platform, NI provides engineers and scientists with new and improved options for a wide variety of embedded control, monitoring and data acquisition applications. Channel counts on the individual modules range from three to 32 channels to accommodate a wide range of system requirements, and the majority of C Series modules work in both the NI CompactDAQ and CompactRIO measurement platforms with no modification.

“We rely on National Instruments hardware and software to provide the rugged, distributed control we need for our wind turbine system,” said Jonathan C. Berg, mechanical engineer at Sandia National Laboratories. “The site-wide architecture uses NI VeriStand and the NI 9467 GPS module to choreograph all of the data acquisition and control operations.”

“This is the largest C Series module release in several years, reflecting our ongoing commitment to expanding the NI LabVIEW RIO architecture,” said Jamie Smith, director of industrial embedded marketing at National Instruments. “At NI, we constantly innovate and build upon our systems to help engineers simplify development.”

Features of the NI 9467 include:

  • Pulse per second (PPS) accuracy of ±100 ns, >99 percent typical
  • SMA female antenna connector type (antenna sold separately)
  • +5 VDC (up to 30 mA) for active GPS antenna
  • Returns stationary global position after self-survey (module does not work for mobile applications)
  • NI CompactRIO support only
  • NI recommends using the NI 9467 with the NI FPGA Timekeeper.