Mobilicom to present smart drone solutions at Xponential 2019

April 23, 2019  - By
Mobilicom's SkyHopper VU remote viewing terminal is specifically designed for commercial and industrial drones and robotics. (Photo: Mobilicom)

Mobilicom’s SkyHopper VU remote viewing terminal is specifically designed for commercial and industrial drones and robotics. (Photo: Mobilicom)

Mobilicom Ltd., a global mission-critical-communications solution provider, will present its SkyHopper end-to-end solutions for smart drones and robotics at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International’s Xponential 2019 trade show.

According to the company, SkyHopper brings all the key components that turn a drone into a smart drone. The SkyHopper product suite includes communication data links, cybersecurity and encryption that has been validated by the Israel Ministry of Defense and other government organizations; video processing; controllers and viewers.

The product line includes the SkyHopper PRO bi-directional data link, SkyHopper PRO V integrated video processing, SkyHopper ControlAir ruggedized controller and the SkyHopper VU remote viewing terminal.

According to the company, the SkyHopper PRO bi-directional data link delivers long range and non-line of sight communication that supports multiple transmission modes. The SkyHopper PRO V includes a dual-camera input, three camera interfaces, dual built-in video encoders and decoders, and local recording ability. The SkyHopper ControlAir allows users to control a drone or robot, as well as transmit or view a video and data while operating in air and ground missions. Finally, the SkyHopper VU offers a mobile HD video and telemetry receiver terminal for multiple viewers, specifically designed for commercial and industrial drones and robotics.

“We have done our homework in understanding what our customers need in order for their drones to successfully execute their missions,” said Oren Elkayam, CEO of Mobilicom. “As a result, while others focus on offerings for today, we offer solutions also essential for the future survival and scalability of commercial drones of robotics. With proprietary drone cybersecurity and radio technology and a highly experienced customer success team, SkyHopper has maintained a strong base of over 50 customers and counting.”

According to Mobilicom, its goal is to enable commercial drone and robotics manufacturers to increase their chances for success by focusing on their own business objectives, reducing time to market and minimizing resource expenditures.

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