Mikroe releases LBand RTK Click

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Image: Mikroe

Image: Mikroe

LBand RTK Click is a compact add-on board that provides access to L-band GNSS corrections. The board features the NEO-D9S-00B, a professional-grade, satellite data receiver for L-band corrections from u-blox.

Operating in a frequency range from 1,525 MHz to 1,559 MHz, the NEO-D9S-00B decodes the satellite transmission and outputs a correction stream. This enables a high-precision GNSS receiver to reach accuracies down to centimeter-level. An independent stream of correction data, delivered over L-band signals, ensures high availability of position output.

LBand RTK Click also uses several mikroBUS pins. The EIN pin routed to the AN pin of the mikroBUS socket is used as an external interrupt feature activated through a population of the R6 0Ω resistor.

In addition, LBand RTK Click contains an SMA antenna for connecting a Mikroe-brand antenna. This antenna easily allows positioning in space, supporting GNSS L-band frequencies.

LBand RTK Click implements advanced security features such as signature and anti-jamming mechanisms. It can also be integrated with other GNSS receivers from the u-blox F9 platform.

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