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Microdrones merges with composites maker Schübeler Technologies

December 6, 2018  - By

Schubeler Technologies logoMicrodrones logoAs part of ongoing global expansion, Microdrones has merged with Schübeler Technologies. Since its founding in 1997, Schübeler has built a global business by providing advanced fan propulsion jets and lightweight composite materials fabrication.

Offering a full product lineup of robust turbo fans, jets, compressors, pumps, electric motors, carbon fiber and aluminum composites, Schübeler products are designed to withstand extreme conditions and demanding field use. These components provide thrust power and lightweight durability to high-tech applications including UAVs, professional motorsports and heavy-duty outdoor equipment.

Microdrones, founded in 2005, has evolved from a manufacturer of commercial-grade unmanned VTOL aircraft to a provider of fully integrated systems for surveying, mapping, lidar and inspection applications. These systems are being put to use worldwide by professionals in the construction, mining, energy, agriculture and infrastructure trades.

“We make life easier for professionals by offering the full solution; it has proven to be a successful strategy,” said Microdrones President Vivien Heriard-Dubreuil. “Perfectly integrated drones, sensors, software, workflow, training and support is what the market needed. Welcoming the Schübeler team, talent and capabilities to Microdrones delivers new aviation technology and capabilities to our customers in the form of next generation unmanned aircraft.”

As the preferred provider of VTOL solutions to Trimble Dealers worldwide, Microdrones adds a global sales force and distribution network as well as technical centers and production sites spanning seven countries and three continents.

“Merging with Microdrones empowers us to develop and deliver systems where we can best support customers locally,” said Daniel Schübeler, founder and CEO of Schübeler Technologies. “This is a happy homecoming for me and the team that we’ve built over the past 20 years.”

Schübeler was an original founding partner in Microdrones and helped develop the pioneering technology that helped Microdrones gain global recognition for professional VTOL UAVs. He adds, “Both of these companies have enjoyed global growth and impressive technological advancements independently. Merging our talents and teams will yield amazing solutions in the years to come.”

“This is a strategic growth initiative,” explained Francois Gerner, SVP of Corporate Affairs at Microdrones. We are adding technology, IP, talent, strong leadership and investment capabilities that are complementary to both brands. This deal brings us to more than 150 highly skilled employees worldwide, which translates to better products, service and support.”

The merged companies will retain the Schübeler Technologies brand, which commands a niche’ audience of serious aeromodeling enthusiasts. Schübeler Technologies will continue to serve these markets as well as tackle large-scale custom R&D projects related to propulsion and materials.