Micro GPS / GPRS / SMS Module for Personal Tracking

April 1, 2013  - By

Photo: KCS BV

The TraceME micro by KCS BV is a small GPS / GPRS tracker that fits inside a key chain. It is targeted for personal use and any application that need a minimum size while maintaining the exact same options and server connection full-size units have. KCS TraceME GPS / GPRS modules enable remote tracking of objects such as cars, trucks, containers, and motorcycles.

Equipped with a 65-channel Skytraq Venus634LPx GPS receiver, the KCS TraceME Module provides reliable and accurate navigational data. All communication is handled rapidly and effectively by a GPRS/GSM modem (quad-band) through GPRS or SMS. In areas without network coverage, position data and events are stored in memory (up to 55,000 positions). As soon as communication is restored, all information can be transmitted. The user-configuration menu controls actions such as sending position information, depending on all possible events. All of the necessary server-side scripts to process and store data from the TraceME units are available free of charge.

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  1. Paul says:

    Hi, what is the price of this gps tracker? (Micro gps/gprs/sms module for personal tracking).

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