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Massive global map provided free from MapTiler

February 2, 2022  - By

MapTiler has created a single image of the entire world detailed enough to find a specific house. If printed, the map would cover nearly 16 soccer fields.

To create the world image, satellite imagery was processed to remove clouds and balance shades and tones, and then carefully stitched together to create a seamless map layer with beautiful colors. The input data is recent, from 2020 and 2021, and rendered as one tiled file with zoom levels 0-13 for use in web applications.

Crafted by a small Swiss/Czech team, it is a viable, up-to-date alternative to Google maps for software developers, without privacy issues. It is available including seamlessly merged, super-high resolution aerial images for selected countries. The imagery provides more detail when users zoom beyond the satellite data.

The map’s cloud-free satellite imagery is useful for real-estate websites, mobile apps, globes, games, virtual worlds, in airplane infotainment systems, and for TV news and weather. In addition, scientists and artists can download it for their own innovations and creations.

In all, 180 terabytes of imagery have been crunched to fit on a 512-gigabyte USB stick.

MapTiler has a history of collaborating with the European Space Agency (ESA) and its Copernicus Earth observation project, and has won two Copernicus Masters Awards. Working in ESA’s Business Incubation Center also boosted the company’s ability to adapt satellite imagery into useful data.

Learn more on MapTiler’s blog.

Image: MapTiler

Image: MapTiler

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