Magellan Launches Off-Road Nav Platform for Auto OEMs

June 5, 2015  - By
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Magellan has launched an Off Road Vehicle (ORV) Navigation platform for automotive OEMs and power sport vehicle OEMs. The new platform was showcased at the TU-Automotive Detroit trade show, held June 3-4.

Designed specifically for the off-roading enthusiast, the Magellan ORV Navigation platform allows off-road enthusiasts to plan, track and save trail rides and dirt miles, and add pictures and comments to trails.

The Magellan ORV platform includes an online user community, where riders can plan and save their trails, share trails with other riders, add pictures and comments to trails, and search for new trails. In addition, the Magellan ORV platform includes the most comprehensive outdoor trail maps available for off-road enthusiasts, covering all 50 states and Canada.

Trail Maps

The Magellan ORV platform’s trail maps are cloud based, dynamic and will continue to grow and be improved by both Magellan and the user community. Magellan’s detailed ORV maps include:

  • 3D Terrain & contour elevation lines
  • National, State & Provincial service roads and trails
  • National, State & Provincial Parks and Recreational Vehicle Areas
  • Scenic Byways
  • Crowd-sourced trails
  • Food, Gas, Lodging, and General Service POI
  • 3rd Party Trail Guides

Online User Community

Off-road enthusiasts have exciting stories to save and share. The Magellan ORV navigation platform gives off-roaders, campers, and anyone enjoying the outdoors on a vehicle the tools to plan, experience, and capture their activities in a story format, that they can keep or share with friends, family, or the larger off-road and outdoor communities.

Users can add comments and pictures to their trail rides, and share with other members of the Magellan ORV community. Magellan ORV community users can also share posts and pictures to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram directly from the Magellan ORV app.

As users share their trail rides, they garner community ranking and earn achievement badges.

iOS and Android Companion Smartphone Apps

To be a resource for the entire off-road community, Magellan’s standard iOS and Android ORV apps will be available in the iTunes and Google Play stores. This will enable any off-road enthusiast to find trails and record, save and share their own adventures.

“The Magellan ORV navigation software is designed and targeted specifically to reach off-road and outdoor enthusiasts,” said Stig Pedersen, associate vice president of product management for Magellan. “It allows customers to use their technology to participate in and share their trail and outdoor experiences. It reflects the interests of technology savvy off-road enthusiasts, and makes off-roading achievable for aspiring off-road enthusiasts.”

Designed for Auto OEMs

Magellan’s smartphone driven ORV navigation platform is compatible with all major infotainment platforms, including Weblink, CarPlay and Android Auto. The ORV platform can be branded by automotive OEMs so their customers have a consistent brand experience while planning a trail ride, and in the vehicle.

“Given the tremendous popularity of 4×4 SUVs in the US, and other major regions, Magellan’s ORV solution is a tremendous opportunity for auto OEMs to provide their customers with an integrated off-road solution that takes advantage of today’s in-dash and smartphone technology,” said Peggy Fong, president of MiTAC Digital Corporation, parent company of the Magellan brand. “With the new Magellan ORV navigation platform, auto OEMs can add to the fun and excitement enjoyed by both off-road enthusiasts and other outdoorsmen, such as hunters, fishermen, and campers.”

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